Fun Commands


Quizzes you on Miraculous!


Displays the leaderboard.


Get a hot post from r/miraculousladybug.


Hug someone


Kiss someone

Card Commands


Summon a card

-claim [code]

Claim a card


View your cards

-card [card]

View a specific card - You must have this card to view it.

Info Commands


Vote for Luka on for a temporary butterfly booster.


Get stats for Luka - server count, member count, etc.

Premium Commands


Get Luka Premium - unlock cool commands, get invited to a special server, and get a permanent butterfly booster.


Get a 3 question quiz. Perfect for when you're in a rush or just want to take a quick break.

Music Commands

Music commands are a work in progress. They are running in alpha, but we don't recommend using them.


Play music.


Loop music.


Stop playing music.